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How we work

We start by developing an understanding of the task to be accomplished: What result are you looking for and what must be done to achieve it. If you wish to evaluate a program, for example, the first step is to agree on the list of evaluation questions and the intended use of the results.

Once the task is clear, we prepare a detailed proposal in light of your needs and limitations. You do not need to prepare an Evaluation Scope of Work before contacting us. Knowing the result to be achieved, we can propose how it would be done, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. After our initial conversation with you we can develop a draft Scope of Work for further discussion.

After you approve the Scope of Work and sign the contract we start the evaluation and keep you updated on our progress. We need a contact person responsible for the evaluation on your side to help us resolve emerging issues. Depending on the scope of work we may propose forming a working group that will include several specialists from your organization and our consultants. In order to develop indicators for a monitoring system, for example, we need to draw on the expertise of your program staff.

Normally we present evaluation results three times. The first is a PowerPoint presentation followed by a discussion. In order to involve all the key people we often make this presentation in a Skype conference call. The second presentation is a written draft report based on our findings and your comments on the oral presentation. After receiving your feedback on the written draft we finalize the report. When we design a project monitoring system more intermediate discussions will be needed.

All of our clients receive high quality reader-friendly texts in Russian or English. English-speaking clients receive evaluation reports that have been professionally edited by a native English speaker.
We are always oriented towards our clients’ needs and are frequently in dialogue with them throughout the entire evaluation process.

All of our work conforms to the Guiding Principles for Evaluators approved by the International Program Evaluation Network and your own organization’s principles and standards in the areas of planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

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